How 'Buddy' gets his gold

How 'Buddy' gets his gold

The gold leaf is scattered on the table. One tiny breath will make them float up into the air. Ah, but not for Buddy. He's not interested in flying. He looks at you, curious to see what will happen next.

A brush dipped in size (special gold leaf glue) appears. Very gently this brush applies the sticky substance to the area destined to be gilded. On and on the brush dips and spreads the size. It is a very delicate procedure which takes patience and a steady hand. Buddy looks on in admiration and wonders if the artist would make a good surgeon too. Probably not, because he knows the artist gets kind of queasy around blood. 

Now it's time to rest. The size needs to develop it's tackiness. Buddy would like to take this opportunity to tell you that the way he sees it, better times are to come: Homes filled with happiness, warmth, joy and vitality. It is said that when a Robin enters your life, it is considered a sign of a bright future.

After a cup of berry flavored tea, the artist gets ready to continue. Buddy surely could go for some berries himself about now. Hold that thought, because now it is getting interesting. The artist very carefully and slowly places a 23 carat sheet of gold leaf over the size covered area. The precious metal only sticks to the areas with just the right tackiness. All sized up parts get covered with this lustrous material.

The artist takes out a soft brush and brushes over the gold to remove the excess. The metal flakes remind of golden sunshine and Buddy can only imagine how amazing the golden rays will feel on his feathers.

The brush gets put down, a gentle inhale and a soft blow of air floats across Buddy. The gold flakes fly up, whirl down and scatter all over the table. The work is done: Buddy got his 23 carat gold.



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