Nature inspired Art to delight in

Cindy Sangen is a contemporary artist creating intricate and delicate works with a luxurious feel and a refined uplifting energy.

Her work explores our connection to the magic and wonders around us and our relationship with nature. Her style is best described as magic realism.

Her practice is very detailed and time consuming, resulting in original works, masterfully created, that are as calming and beautiful as they are rejuvenating and uplifting.

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Portrait photo of Cindy Sangen in her home Art studio. On the background two artworks, paintings Cindy Sangen is working on. Palet with oilpaint and brushes are in view.

Hi, it's me, Cindy

My love for birds, ornaments, details, symbolism and gold show in almost every painting I make. My work is best described as a Magic Realism style of painting.

A painting can completely absorb me, bring me peace, calm my mind and remind me of the beauty of nature.

I hope my art can bring you the same sense of uplifted serenity!


(you can read my personal artist's story below)

Playing guitar made me an artist
Painting 'Oh little beetle' from Cindy Sangen is hanging on a medium grey wall. The sunny room has a cream coloured chair with pink throw blanket and peach pillow. Next to it a plant and table with books.

A personal favorite

Every artist has them: a personal favorite work of Art! This is mine...."Oh little Beetle!"

It is currently hanging in my living room on a light coloured wall. I love the way it makes me feel. When I see it, it makes me feel alive, uplifted and peaceful at the same time. It's bright background colour pops without shouting at you. The bold reds blend so beautifully into the soft pinks. The cherry blossoms make me feel the sunshine on my skin and I can almost hear the bees buzzing around. It brings a fresh breath of nature indoors to enjoy, no matter the weather outside. To me it has influences of the Oriental and Art Nouveau. Letting me dream away to other worlds...

There is only one original, currently on my wall and available for purchase, but "Oh little beetle!" is also available as a limited high quality canvas print true to the original and in smaller sizes as a fine art print.

The Artist's favorite
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The magic of embellishing a print