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'Saint Dodo'

'Saint Dodo'

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Oh how great it would be if we could still see Dodo’s waddling about through the lush green forests on the sunny island of Mauritius. Unfortunately these birds have been extinct since 1690.

The Dodo has become a symbol for the extinction of animal species due to the influence human actions have on natural habitats. Because of this it has become one of the most known birds in the world, almost like a patron Saint.  

This painting represents one of Mauritius’ splendid mountain ranges with its original inhabitant: the Dodo. While the background is painted in oil paints, the Dodo is made with ink pens, very much like the old illustrations we know of the Dodo. It’s regal halo of 23kt gold gives the Dodo a regal appearance. This painting is meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia and admiration for the extinct species.

‘Saint Dodo’ is the first painting in a series about extinct or endangered birds.


'Saint Dodo' is an original painting on gold leaf covered board, with oil paint, acrylic paint, pen and ink drawing and 23kt gold elements.

I've personally chosen this unique ornamental black floater frame to show off the special rounded corners.

Professionally framed and ready to hang.


Size of painting surface is:
51cm by 51cm. Framed it measures: 58cm x 58cm (22.8"x


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Every care has been taken to accurately photograph and describe this original artwork. Please note that colours on screens can vary from real life viewing. If you are unsatisfied for what ever reason when you receive the work, please reach out to me and I will happily accept its return in original condition for a full refund (excl shipping).

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